BRASH™ introduces a new air/steam propulsion system for vehicle and stationary power. 
BRASH™ Engines is a joint venture of Averill Partners, LLC of Branford, Connecticut and Bevilacqua-Knight, Inc. of Oakland, California. BRASH™ is a registered trademark of Averill Partners, LLC.  BRASH™ and its Air-Steam Hybrid technology is protected by one or more patents.  
•  No boiler, which means lower weight and  less fuel burned                •  No transmission 
•  No start-up delay                                                                                            •  No idling required
•  Immediate torque at zero speed                                                                 •  Multi-fuel compatibility
•  Lower emissions                                                                                         
•  Practical fuel economy 3-4 times that of an internal combustion engine of comparable torque
BRASH™ Engines operate as mixed air/steam hybrids and can offer significant advantages over internal combustion engines or steam engines: 
BRASH™ Engines may be well suited for use in vehicles requiring high torque from a clean-burning, high-efficiency, multi-fuel engine and also in stationary power applications, such as Micro-CHPs (combined heat and power), where quick start-up and quiet, reliable, long-term operation are important.
BRASH™ Engines offer an alternative to internal combustion engines for many applications and can provide high fuel economy from a wide range of fuels. 
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